Riverview Superbowl

Football fans all around the world will be tuned in to the big game this weekend as the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51, but this isn’t the only big game taking place this week. Today our annual “Super Bowl & Tailgate Party” was held here in our Riverview community. Riverview Stadium was filled with a host of fans as our two teams of Elders met on the gridiron. It was tons of fun as usual, and the intense battle ended with the Patriots edging the Falcons 27-20. Everyone enjoyed a huge pizza tailgate party in addition to the big game. We can only hope this weekend’s game is half as exciting as the Riverview Superbowl! Check out some pictures from this awesome event…

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality – Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

A Very Merry Christmas for the Elders

On December 20th at our Riverview home, we held our annual Christmas party for the elders. A huge crowd from our Riverview community gathered together in our dining area for this very merry celebration. Our very own Riverview Choir performed some holiday favorites and Country Music Road to Fame winner Jason Goble also provided entertainment for everyone. There was plenty of festive food, singing, and even a visit from Santa Claus. Elders, care partners, and a host of family members joined in to sing some holiday classics as we waited for Santa to arrive. Upon his arrival, Santa brought gifts for every single elder in our home.

Our care partners work hard all year long with fund raisers, such as our annual car show, yard sales, Mugg-Z Burgers, and other endeavors to make sure Santa will be able to deliver this special Christmas.

It’s truly a blessing to be part of such a wonderful event and a wonderful home. This certainly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Riverview Holiday Fun

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you stop in our Riverview community you we find that the elders and care partners are certainly anticipating Santa’s arrival. Singing, decorating, and all sorts of holiday events can be found throughout the neighborhoods of our Riverview home. We’ve noticed that on social media, a lot of people have been doing a thing called the mannequin challenge. So, we decided to do a special “holiday edition” of the mannequin challenge and it was a blast. Hope you enjoy!

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Elder Vacations: Making Dreams Come True

A cool thing about culture change when it comes to long term care is when you see this wonderful paradigm shift take place in front of you. Most often when people think of a nursing home it’s more like a nightmare, and certainly not a place where dreams could come true. Nursing homes are supposed to be places where people stop dreaming about accomplishing “new” things, and a place where dreams die. However, with the vision of the Signature HealthCARE revolution, the Eden Alternative, and the culture change movement, we experience just the opposite in the home where we work and the Edlers live. With person-directed care, people continue to build relationships, do things meaningful, and grow as individuals. People even have the opportunity to do things they never dreamed of.

“I never dreamed in a million years we would come to live in a nursing home, and sure never dreamed that nursing home would take us to Disney World!” said Mrs. Crisp about the recent Elder Vacation that she got to be a part of with her husband of 60 years. “It was a 60-year wedding anniversary that people like us could only dream of,” said Mr. Crisp.

That’s the most rewarding thing about being part of the Signature Revolution, and that’s the coolest thing about culture change… dreams can still come true!

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Riverview Hosts 2016 Fall Festival

Riverview’s annual Fall Festival was held this past weekend. This has always been a community event, and the community certainly poured out this year to enjoy all the fun. There were plenty of little monsters, princesses, super heroes, and everything in between at this year’s event. Most of the excitement took place in our dining area where the kids, elders, and the huge crowd of people from the community gathered for games, prizes, concessions, and even an old fashioned cake walk. This event is always a big hit and seems to get bigger and better each year.

2016 Round-Up at the River Car Show

Riverview HealthCARE held a special event, and it was a big hit! Not only with our Riverview family, but also the community. People poured out to see all the beautiful classic cars at the 2016 Round-Up on the River Car Show, and there was plenty of fun for everyone. The 50s music playing across the sound system, the smell of hotdogs on the grill, and of course the sound of engines revving made for a great day. There’s was also a 50/50 drawing, and awards were given out to car owners in ten different categories. Plans are already being made for next year’s Round-Up on the River.

Don’t Miss Fall Festival 2016


Riverview’s annual Fall Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 22nd from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The community is invited to this fun-filled event. There will be games and prizes for the kids, and concessions will be sold. There will also be a costume contest, which is always a crowd favorite. There will also be an old fashioned cake walk. We are looking forward to this great night of fun and would like to invite everyone to come join us!

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A Hole-in-One for Culture Change

Our culture change journey here at Riverview has been much like a golf game. Sometimes the course has been very challenging, sometimes you think things are going great, and other times you may feel like your game is not exactly up to par. Today however, we hit a hole-in-one on our culture change journey.

As we’ve journeyed from becoming an Eden Alternative Registered Home to accomplishing Milestone 2 and pressing toward Milestone 3, there’ve been many noticeable transformations that have taken place. We’ve transformed individuals by educating them. In doing so, we’ve seen people not only have a change of mind, but also a change of heart. We’ve also transformed organizationally. Everyone is a partner together in care here, and person directed care is what we believe in when it come to the elders and their well-being. Along with all this, there’s been some pretty noticeable physical transformations as well. Our Mugg-Z Café continues to grow in popularity and has become a daily lunch destination for many people in our surrounding area. We’ve had lots of enjoyment out of our Riverview Theatre that is not “like” a real movie theatre, it is a real movie theatre. Our Fred Harris Memorial Library, Riverview Chapel, Neighborhood Post Offices, and Riverview Barber Shop & Boutique can been seen as you stroll through the neighborhoods of our Riverview community, and we can’t forget our Riverview Restaurant & Grille that provides a real restaurant experience for the elders.

Today marked the grand opening for another wonderful addition to our Riverview community, as we officially opened the Riverview Country Club. Now the elders can enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds them and enjoy a relaxing nine hole game of miniature golf. A special ribbon cutting ceremony was held and the elders hit the links to sink a few birdies.

A cold “Arnold Palmer” and cookies were served under the gazebo that’s connected to this new golf course.

It was certainly a wonderful day and memorable mile marker on our culture change journey. Just another reminder that no matter how much of a slump you may feel that you’re in, keep on swinging because you never know when you’ll land your next hole-in-one on your journey to culture change!
Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Riverview HealthCARE Center
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Super Mugg-Z Burger Challenge

Riverview’s Mugg-Z Café, a café/coffee shop located inside our Riveriew home, has been in business for over two years now and has become a favorite lunch destination for many people in Prestonsburg. Much of the success of the café is due to the popularity of our famous Mugg-Z Burger. Every Friday you can come by the café for a fresh Mugg-Z Burger hot off the grill (or even have one delivered). As part of a new promotion for the Mugg-Z Café, we have now introduced the Super Mugg-Z Burger Challenge. Any person brave enough to take on this challenge will have to consume a Super Mugg-Z Burger that consists of four quarter pound all beef patties, eight slices of bacon, four slices of pepper jack cheese, five slices of bread, and a pile of green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Along with the burger, the competitor must also eat two bags of chips and drink two bottles of soda. All this must be completed in only fifteen minutes.

To kick off the inaugural Super Mugg-Z Challenge was Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality and Nick Jarrel, Plant Ops. It was a close challenge as the two battled this monstrous burger down to the wire. However, when the dust settled, Nick stood victorious as the first person to conquer the Super Mugg-Z Burger.

If you’re brave enough to try, you to can attempt this challenge any Friday at the Mugg-Z Café. If you’re lucky enough to succeed, you will leave with your choice of a Mug-Z t-shirt or a $15 Mugg-Z gift card. You will also have your picture displayed on the Mugg-Z Wall of Fame. And not to mention you’ll leave with a full stomach. If this challenge is not for you, you can still come by for a regular Mugg-Z Burger, or any of our daily lunch specials.


Riverview Choir Steals the Show


After months of practice and preparation, the Riverview Elder Choir performed in front of hundreds of people on July 29th at the beautiful Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. This was certainly a night to remember as the Elder Choir brought the audience to their feet with for a very moving standing ovation. Check out the video of this very special performance.

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