Riverview Hosts VBS for Community

Each summer Riverview hosts a Vacation Bible School that is open for the children of our community. Each day the children have the opportunity to learn about the bible, make crafts, sing songs, meet new friends, and enjoy a week of fun and food with the Elders. Our annual VBS kicked off today with this year’s them is “Hero Central: Discovering Our Strength in God.” Here’s a few pictures from the first day of VBS 2017.

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor Leader

Making Connections Through Music

Music is a great uniting force. Music is an incredible power. Music is something that people who differ on anything and everything else can have in common. Music is one of the greatest universal languages of mankind. Where words often fail, music speaks. Music can take pain, loneliness, or sorrow and turned it into something beautiful, into something that people connect to, that’s what music does. It speaks to you. It changes you!

Music has always opened many doors for me in my life and it has been a way for me to connect with people in many ways. When I came to work here at Riverview several years ago, I found that music is a great way to connect with the elders. I think the key to making any connection with the elders is all about learning their stories and who they are. I rarely come to work without some type of musical instrument, and I have definitely branched out to learn different genres of music and new songs to satisfy their musical tastes and connect with them. I think the roots of our being are anchored deep in the music of our heritage. A song can move you, trigger any number of emotions, bring to surface old memories. I think a person can hear a song and it can cause them to think of someone, or somewhere, or something from sometime in their life. I’ve found that to be especially true with the elders. Whether its through the Gospel Music program or Appalachian Heritage Music Program that I have here in our, the Riverview Choir, a one on one room visit with the guitar, piano in the dining room, claw hammer banjo on the back patio, listening to their favorite songs through headphones on the iPod, or simply and old hymn sang a cappella, music is a fantastic way to connect with the elders here at Riverview!

-Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor Leader

Celebrating the First Day of Summer


Happy first day of summer! Today we welcome the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. Riverview celebrated the official first day of summer by spending a day at the lake… and of course, we had a huge cook out! Check out some pictures of our fun in the sun…

Riverview Hosts 2017 Cancer Survivor Banquet

The 2017 American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Floyd County is just a few days away and this year Team Riverview was honored to once again host the Survivor Banquet. This was a very special event as more than 120 cancer survivors and guests gathered together inside the Riverview Restaurant & Grille at Riverview HealthCARE Center. Riverview CEO Missy Allen welcomed everyone, and Riverview Director of Spirituality and cancer survivor Phillip Ramey offered some encouraging words and prayer. After this, everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal and was blessed with an inspiring story from this year’s guest speaker Debbie Reid, MDS Coordinator. There was tons of prizes given away at the end of the event and every survivor went home with at least one prize. It is certainly an honor to be part of such a great community event, and a wonderful privilege to welcome the community into our Riverview home. Check out some pictures from this special event…

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor Leader


Riverview Hosts Annual Prayer Event for Community

The annual National Day of Prayer Breakfast was held at Riverview HealthCARE Center this morning and large number of people from the community attended this special event. Chaplain Phillip Ramey gave some opening remarks to begin the program and opened the event with prayer. The audience was then blessed with a special song from one of our faithful volunteers, Bill Donovan.

The Mayor of Prestonsburg, Les Stapleton, was on hand to read and sign a National Day of Prayer proclamation from the city. He was followed by Ben Hale, County Judge Executive, who then presented a county proclamation as well. Senator Johnny Ray Turner, State Representative Larry Brown, and other community leaders and clergy also attended this event. Pastor Richard Greene of the Licking River Baptist Church delivered a short devotion on the importance of prayer, and then prayed a prayer for our nation, community, military, churches, and schools.

After a few closing remarks and announcements from Riverview CEO Missy Allen, Chaplain Ramey then dismissed the program in prayer and asked a blessing on the food. Everyone in attendance enjoyed a delicious breakfast provided by the Riverview team. This was a great day and a wonderful event as the community came together for a moment of prayer.

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Riverview Sweet 16

A group of Elders and care partners from Riverview journeyed to the boys high school basketball “Sweet 16” state tournament at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY.

This was the 100th annual Kentucky Sweet 16 basketball tournament, a long standing tradition in the Commonwealth. The annual trip to the Sweet 16 has also become a tradition for our Riverview community. Each year we travel to Lexington and enjoy the sights and sounds of Rupp Arena, as well as some intense basketball action. We call this trip “The Perry Jones Memorial Sweet 16 Trip” in honor of a dear elder that lived here at Riverview. Mr. Jones had amassed an unbelievable streak by attending the state tournament 54 consecutive years. We were blessed to make this journey with him the last several years of his life, and even now that he has passed we continue to keep the streak going in his memory.

This year’s trip was a blast. We had a wonderful day together and a few of the elders enjoyed seeing a live game at Rupp Arena for the very first time. Plans are already being made for next year’s trip. Through wonderful happenings such as this we are honoring the lives of the elders that live here, honoring the memory of those who have gone, and honoring our community one elder at a time.

Click here for previous stories about our Sweet 16 trips…

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Big Blue Party

There was a huge Big Blue Party held in our Riverview community today to celebrate the Kentucky Wildcats opening game of the SEC Tournament. Everyone was dressed in their UK gear, and blue and white decorations could be seen everywhere. There was a Kentucky Basketball Trivia game that took place and many wonderful prizes were awarded to the winners. Elders and care partners gathered together to watch the big game and cheer on the Cats. After the game, our annual “Riverview Free Throw Shoot-Out” was held and the winner received a pair of UK lawn chairs. It was certainly a fun time for everyone here in our Riverview community. Congrats to the Cats on their win over Georgia, and congrats to Plant Ops Director Donnie Cole for winning the free throw contest. Check out some pictures from this great event.

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Riverview Fiesta

A huge fiesta was held today in our Riverview community and it was a great time for everyone. Our Retention Committee sponsored this fiesta and supplied all the wonderful food. Tacos, fajitas, chips, cheese, and salsa, were just some of the items on the menu for this special event. All the stakeholders and Elders in our Riverview community dined together with mariachi music playing in the background. There was lots of laughing, dancing, and of course eating! After this big fiesta everyone was ready for a nice siesta. Check out some pictures from this fun event…

Riverview Superbowl

Football fans all around the world will be tuned in to the big game this weekend as the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51, but this isn’t the only big game taking place this week. Today our annual “Super Bowl & Tailgate Party” was held here in our Riverview community. Riverview Stadium was filled with a host of fans as our two teams of Elders met on the gridiron. It was tons of fun as usual, and the intense battle ended with the Patriots edging the Falcons 27-20. Everyone enjoyed a huge pizza tailgate party in addition to the big game. We can only hope this weekend’s game is half as exciting as the Riverview Superbowl! Check out some pictures from this awesome event…

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality – Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

A Very Merry Christmas for the Elders

On December 20th at our Riverview home, we held our annual Christmas party for the elders. A huge crowd from our Riverview community gathered together in our dining area for this very merry celebration. Our very own Riverview Choir performed some holiday favorites and Country Music Road to Fame winner Jason Goble also provided entertainment for everyone. There was plenty of festive food, singing, and even a visit from Santa Claus. Elders, care partners, and a host of family members joined in to sing some holiday classics as we waited for Santa to arrive. Upon his arrival, Santa brought gifts for every single elder in our home.

Our care partners work hard all year long with fund raisers, such as our annual car show, yard sales, Mugg-Z Burgers, and other endeavors to make sure Santa will be able to deliver this special Christmas.

It’s truly a blessing to be part of such a wonderful event and a wonderful home. This certainly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor