Don’t Miss Fall Festival 2016


Riverview’s annual Fall Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 22nd from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The community is invited to this fun-filled event. There will be games and prizes for the kids, and concessions will be sold. There will also be a costume contest, which is always a crowd favorite. There will also be an old fashioned cake walk. We are looking forward to this great night of fun and would like to invite everyone to come join us!

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A Hole-in-One for Culture Change

Our culture change journey here at Riverview has been much like a golf game. Sometimes the course has been very challenging, sometimes you think things are going great, and other times you may feel like your game is not exactly up to par. Today however, we hit a hole-in-one on our culture change journey.

As we’ve journeyed from becoming an Eden Alternative Registered Home to accomplishing Milestone 2 and pressing toward Milestone 3, there’ve been many noticeable transformations that have taken place. We’ve transformed individuals by educating them. In doing so, we’ve seen people not only have a change of mind, but also a change of heart. We’ve also transformed organizationally. Everyone is a partner together in care here, and person directed care is what we believe in when it come to the elders and their well-being. Along with all this, there’s been some pretty noticeable physical transformations as well. Our Mugg-Z Café continues to grow in popularity and has become a daily lunch destination for many people in our surrounding area. We’ve had lots of enjoyment out of our Riverview Theatre that is not “like” a real movie theatre, it is a real movie theatre. Our Fred Harris Memorial Library, Riverview Chapel, Neighborhood Post Offices, and Riverview Barber Shop & Boutique can been seen as you stroll through the neighborhoods of our Riverview community, and we can’t forget our Riverview Restaurant & Grille that provides a real restaurant experience for the elders.

Today marked the grand opening for another wonderful addition to our Riverview community, as we officially opened the Riverview Country Club. Now the elders can enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds them and enjoy a relaxing nine hole game of miniature golf. A special ribbon cutting ceremony was held and the elders hit the links to sink a few birdies.

A cold “Arnold Palmer” and cookies were served under the gazebo that’s connected to this new golf course.

It was certainly a wonderful day and memorable mile marker on our culture change journey. Just another reminder that no matter how much of a slump you may feel that you’re in, keep on swinging because you never know when you’ll land your next hole-in-one on your journey to culture change!
Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Riverview HealthCARE Center
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Super Mugg-Z Burger Challenge

Riverview’s Mugg-Z Café, a café/coffee shop located inside our Riveriew home, has been in business for over two years now and has become a favorite lunch destination for many people in Prestonsburg. Much of the success of the café is due to the popularity of our famous Mugg-Z Burger. Every Friday you can come by the café for a fresh Mugg-Z Burger hot off the grill (or even have one delivered). As part of a new promotion for the Mugg-Z Café, we have now introduced the Super Mugg-Z Burger Challenge. Any person brave enough to take on this challenge will have to consume a Super Mugg-Z Burger that consists of four quarter pound all beef patties, eight slices of bacon, four slices of pepper jack cheese, five slices of bread, and a pile of green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Along with the burger, the competitor must also eat two bags of chips and drink two bottles of soda. All this must be completed in only fifteen minutes.

To kick off the inaugural Super Mugg-Z Challenge was Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality and Nick Jarrel, Plant Ops. It was a close challenge as the two battled this monstrous burger down to the wire. However, when the dust settled, Nick stood victorious as the first person to conquer the Super Mugg-Z Burger.

If you’re brave enough to try, you to can attempt this challenge any Friday at the Mugg-Z Café. If you’re lucky enough to succeed, you will leave with your choice of a Mug-Z t-shirt or a $15 Mugg-Z gift card. You will also have your picture displayed on the Mugg-Z Wall of Fame. And not to mention you’ll leave with a full stomach. If this challenge is not for you, you can still come by for a regular Mugg-Z Burger, or any of our daily lunch specials.


Riverview Choir Steals the Show


After months of practice and preparation, the Riverview Elder Choir performed in front of hundreds of people on July 29th at the beautiful Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. This was certainly a night to remember as the Elder Choir brought the audience to their feet with for a very moving standing ovation. Check out the video of this very special performance.

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Honoring Those Who Protect Us

At Riverview HealthCARE, we believe in supporting, encouraging, and honoring those who risk their own lives each day to keep ours safe.

During the holiday season last year, we held a special breakfast to honor our local first responders. Today, our kids from our Camp Riverview Summer Camp, along with some elders and care partners, made a special trip to deliver some goody bags to our county sheriff’s department and our city police and fire department. It was a fun and educational experience as the group was given a tour of the jail, sat in the fire truck, and even got sworn in as deputies.

Our motto here at Riverview is “Honoring our community, one elder at a time,” but today we also give honor to those brave individuals that keep our community safe. Thank you for all you do!


-Phillip Ramey
Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Riverview is Still Making News

Riverview launched our own news channel a few months ago, and after a few technical difficulties and some minor set backs, we’re still making news. YourView Channel 51 News has been a wonderful addition to our Riverview community. The elders love seeing themselves on TV, stakeholders are becoming more engaged, and we’re all having tons of fun!.

Check out the latest edition of Yourview Channel 51 News:

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Celebrating Life, Honoring Relationships

Relationships matter. Our lives are filled with relationships. Relationships bring joy, meaning, companionship, identity, and fulfillment to our lives. At Riverview, we have diligently pursued the idea of transforming from an institution to a real human habitat, and the key factor to every milestone we’ve reached in this journey has been building real and meaningful relationships.

Relationships put us all on level ground. We all are partners together in care. Even the elders have the opportunity to not only receive care, but to also give care. Real relationships have been formed and everyone has a special place in the community we’ve created.

A short time ago, we lost a very special person from our Riverview community. Our hearts were broken by the sudden passing of our dear friend Lisa Arnett, RN. Lisa left this life doing what she loved to do, working in the home where the elders live.

Within our human habitat, we have grown neighborhoods and real establishments like those found in any outside community. We have our own café, library, movie theatre, chapel, restaurant, and post offices. We have transformed our hallways into streets. Each street has a name, and today we renamed one of those streets to celebrate the life of our dear friend Lisa, to honor the relationship formed within this Riverview community. With a multitude of people–including her family–gathered together, we officially dedicated our newest street “Lisa Lane” today. Lisa’s favorite music was played and a ceremony was held to honor her life. Her mother and son did the honors of cutting the ribbon and hanging the sign to officially open Lisa Lane.

Every time we stroll down this street and pass her picture, we will remember Lisa. We will remember her passion for this Riverview community. We will remember her passion for life and the relationships she formed. Like I said, relationships matter.
Phillip R. Ramey
Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor

Team Riverview Hosts Cancer Survivors

The 2016 American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Floyd County is just a few days away and this year Team Riverview was honored to once again host the Survivor Banquet. This was a very special event as a large number of cancer survivors gathered together for the annual banquet. Riverview CEO Missy Allen welcomed everyone, and Riverview Director of Spirituality and cancer survivor Phillip Ramey offered some encouraging words and prayer. After this, everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal and was blessed with an inspiring story from this year’s guest speaker, Tammy Goble. There was tons of prizes given away at the end of the event and every survivor went home with at least one prize.

Brawl Breaks Out in a Floyd County Nursing Home

This past weekend at Riverview we hosted a very unique event. The first ever BCW “Rumble on the River” was held right here in the dining room of our home! Over 150 people from the community spent their Saturday evening here at Riverview with the elders, watching some of the toughest wrestlers that BCW has to offer. Our Riverview team sold concessions and all of the proceeds went to our 2016 Relay for Life fund.

Here at Riverview we are always looking for new ways to bring joy, meaning, and excitement into the lives of the elders. There is nothing more essential to human health than the opportunity to do meaningful things. This event did not disappoint. It was huge! It was awesome! Plans are already being made to host another wrestling event soon.

Pete Rose’s Greatest Hit

riverview pete rose

Pete Rose is the all-time Major League leader in hits, games played, and at-bats. He won three World Series rings, three batting titles, one Most Valuable Player Award, two Gold Gloves, the Rookie of the Year Award, and also made 17 All-Star appearances at an unequaled five different positions. These stats rank him among the greatest ball players ever, and though he was permanently banned from baseball in 1989, Rose certainly posted some Hall of Fame numbers. However, one of “Charlie Hustle’s” greatest stats will never be mentioned on ESPN or be seen on the back of a baseball card. One of his most shining moments will probably never be known to him at all.

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