The Ride of A Lifetime

On a cool fall day in October in Prestonsburg, Kentucky, one gentleman experienced the ride of a lifetime as Sergeant Chris Hicks of the Kentucky State Police pulled into the parking lot at Riverview HealthCARE to give one of our elders, Chester Potter a ride in a new Dodge Charger Police Cruiser.

In 1947, Mr. Potter was drafted into the Kentucky Highway Patrol which today is known as the Kentucky State Police. Chester was a graduate from the very first class of the Kentucky State Police. He is the only surviving graduate of his class. Chester solved some very famous cases during his career as a Trooper and later as a Detective for the Kentucky State Police. These cases, his interrogation techniques, and his tracking abilities were later used in books that were studied at the KSP Academy. Chester retired in 1975 from the Kentucky State Police. His badge and the number on it were also retired with him. Mr. Potter’s badge was the first in the history of the KSP to ever be retired.

It was not the fact that Chester was getting to ride in a police cruiser that was significant, he had driven one many times, but the ride of a lifetime was experienced by the KSP Sergeant and the honor he had in giving a ride to Mr. Potter. This truly must have been the ride of a lifetime!
-Phillip R. Ramey, Riverview HealthCARE