Back to the 80s






Day 3 of National Nursing Home week at Riverview was “Back to the 80s” day. It was a blast from the past as the hits from the 80s were heard throughout the dining area. Everyone came dressed in their 80s clothing and hair. Elders and care partners enjoyed a pizza party as “ALF” and “Who’s the Boss” played on the big screen TV. The fun really began when we broke out the microphone for 80s karaoke.

To make this event even more fun, we had a real photo booth set up free for everyone’s enjoyment. You couldn’t get to the party without first passing the 80s candy table that was stocked full of Ring Pops, Big League Chew, Gushers, Push Pops, and other favorite candies of the 80s. Check out a few pics from this totally awesome event!