Halloween Fun!!!

The Halloween fun at Riverview continued with two highly anticipated events. First, our own edition of Riverview Fear Factor was held. Our brave elders looked forward to participating in this friendly competition that featured tasty treats make to look like not so tasty things. We had pumpkin puke (chip dip) with bloody bandages(crackers), ear wax cotton swabs(marsh mellows and peanut butter), vampire delight(strawberry jam and jello), and worms and dirt(jello and crushed chocolate gram crackers) just to name a few. This event was certainly a big hit with our elders!

Next was our stakeholder costume contest. Our judges really had a tough job with all the cool costumes. We had everything from a big baby, bikini girl, skeleton, and even “Jake from State Farm.” The big winner and crowd favorite this year was no other that “Hairy” Underwood.

Check out some pictures from all the Halloween fun at Riverview!!!