Riverview is Making News…Literally!

riverview news

Riverview HealthCARE is close to debuting our newest culture change initiative. We have worked hard to transform our care partners and our home personally, organizationally, and physically, and the results are easy to see. There are so many great things that go on in our Riverview community each day that go untold. It’s like we need our own news show to cover it all. Well, here it comes!

I was thinking about how as an Eden Alternative registered home we do our monthly neighborhood news letters, but that seems so outdated. So, we are taking to the tube. Our Riverview roll-over channel that we use for things like announcements will now be the home of “Your View” Channel 51 News. Now all of our care partners and elders will have the opportunity to report on news, weather, sports, and all things concerning our Riverview community. We’ll even have commercials thanks to our Mugg-Z Café, Riverview Theatre, and more.

This is going to be great for engagement and should be loads of fun too! Here’s some links to some sample videos from Your View Channel 51.

Phillip R. Ramey, Director of Spirituality-Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor