Celebrating Life, Honoring Relationships

Relationships matter. Our lives are filled with relationships. Relationships bring joy, meaning, companionship, identity, and fulfillment to our lives. At Riverview, we have diligently pursued the idea of transforming from an institution to a real human habitat, and the key factor to every milestone we’ve reached in this journey has been building real and meaningful relationships.

Relationships put us all on level ground. We all are partners together in care. Even the elders have the opportunity to not only receive care, but to also give care. Real relationships have been formed and everyone has a special place in the community we’ve created.

A short time ago, we lost a very special person from our Riverview community. Our hearts were broken by the sudden passing of our dear friend Lisa Arnett, RN. Lisa left this life doing what she loved to do, working in the home where the elders live.

Within our human habitat, we have grown neighborhoods and real establishments like those found in any outside community. We have our own café, library, movie theatre, chapel, restaurant, and post offices. We have transformed our hallways into streets. Each street has a name, and today we renamed one of those streets to celebrate the life of our dear friend Lisa, to honor the relationship formed within this Riverview community. With a multitude of people–including her family–gathered together, we officially dedicated our newest street “Lisa Lane” today. Lisa’s favorite music was played and a ceremony was held to honor her life. Her mother and son did the honors of cutting the ribbon and hanging the sign to officially open Lisa Lane.

Every time we stroll down this street and pass her picture, we will remember Lisa. We will remember her passion for this Riverview community. We will remember her passion for life and the relationships she formed. Like I said, relationships matter.
Phillip R. Ramey
Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor