Elder Vacations: Making Dreams Come True

A cool thing about culture change when it comes to long term care is when you see this wonderful paradigm shift take place in front of you. Most often when people think of a nursing home it’s more like a nightmare, and certainly not a place where dreams could come true. Nursing homes are supposed to be places where people stop dreaming about accomplishing “new” things, and a place where dreams die. However, with the vision of the Signature HealthCARE revolution, the Eden Alternative, and the culture change movement, we experience just the opposite in the home where we work and the Edlers live. With person-directed care, people continue to build relationships, do things meaningful, and grow as individuals. People even have the opportunity to do things they never dreamed of.

“I never dreamed in a million years we would come to live in a nursing home, and sure never dreamed that nursing home would take us to Disney World!” said Mrs. Crisp about the recent Elder Vacation that she got to be a part of with her husband of 60 years. “It was a 60-year wedding anniversary that people like us could only dream of,” said Mr. Crisp.

That’s the most rewarding thing about being part of the Signature Revolution, and that’s the coolest thing about culture change… dreams can still come true!

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor