Appalachian Music Program: Gospel Edition

The Appalachian Heritage Music Program was held today and this time it was the gospel music edition. A large number of Elders came out to enjoy the music and to sing along. Director of Spirituality Phillip Ramey and friends sang some of the old gospel songs of our Appalachian heritage that have been passed down from generations.

Music is a great uniting force. Music is an incredible power. Music is something that people who differ on anything and everything else can have in common. Music is one of the greatest universal languages of mankind. Where words often fail, music speaks. Music can take pain, loneliness, or sorrow and turned it into something beautiful, into something that people connect to, that’s what music does. It speaks to you. It changes you. The Appalachian Music Heritage Music Program is just one of many programs and activities that take place here everyday. Here are a few pictures from today’s event.

Phillip Ramey, Director of Spiritualty
Certified Eden Educator/Eden Mentor