Getting “In Tune” With our Elders

On Monday mornings at 10:15am we have our “Gospel Music Program” here at Riverview. Our service is held in the dining room of our home and is open to all Elders, stakeholders, family members, or any others who may pass through at that time. I look forward to every day here at Riverview, but especially Monday mornings. Sometimes the size of the crowd varies, often there’s a┬ánumber of distractions as people pass in and out, but each and every time I feel so overwhelmed with appreciation and thankfulness for the ability to connect with our Elders in this way. Not a service has gone by without someone approaching me afterwards with comments like, “I grew up singing those songs,” “I remember my mother singing that old song when I was a child,” “I used to sing that song all the time at the church I attended.” To see our Elders clap their hands, sing along, raise an arm in praise, or simply close their eyes in meditation makes this program something I anticipate time after time. It a great way to get “in tune” with the Elders here at Riverview!!!
-Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality
(Pictured above is one of our Elders, Offie Jarrell. I first met Sister Offie years ago when I held a revival at the little country church where she attended…she’s been my “singin’ partner” ever since.)