Congratulations to our team for being awarded The 800 Award!

Riverview Health Care Center Honored with Reputation’s 800 Award for High Customer Satisfaction!

Signature HealthCARE is excited to announce Riverview Health Care Center is among 23 Signature HealthCARE locations to be recognized by global customer experience and management leader, Reputation, with its 800 Award.

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Homeruns and Hotdogs


Today marked the beginning of the 2018 Major League Baseball season, and the Elders and Care Partners here in our Riverview community celebrated opening day at the ball park. Our dining room was once again transformed into “Riverview Stadium” as everyone gathered in for America’s Past time. After a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, the first pitch was delivered and the game was underway. Of course, no day at the ballpark would be complete without hotdogs and other tradition baseball snacks. When the dust settled from this action packed game, it was the Reds defeating the Pirates by a score of 6-3. Opening Day 2018 at Riverview Stadium was certainly a HOMERUN!

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March Madness


In Kentucky basketball is a way of life, and our Riverview community is no exception. All month long we’ve celebrated March Madness and enjoyed many wonderful happenings, and today the Madness continued. To prepare for the Kentucky Wildcats big game, the Elders and care partners of our Riverview community gathered in our “Riverview Arena” for a pep rally and some live basketball action!

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From Riverview to Rupp Arena


Knowing what is meaningful to the Elders and honoring their simple pleasures is one of the keys to creating a real human habitat in the homes where the Elders live. Most of the meaningful encounters take place inside of our Riverview community in the daily rhythm of life that exist here, but sometimes honoring those simple pleasures requires a road trip. Today we journey to Rupp Arena for the Boys Sweet Sixteen State Tournament. This is an annual trip we take to honor a former Elder in the Riverview community who attended this tournament for 54 consecutive years.

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