I would like to take this time to introduce a very special elder at Riverview Health Care, Mr. Robert “Mikie” Davis. Mr. Davis has primarily been limited to bed bound and geri-chair activities for over ten years, his days spent listening to music and interaction limited to what was completed with staff during care needs. It was often believed that Mikie was limited in his ability to interact within the environment as prior attempts at stimulation and sensory tasks had been met with limited success.

Recently, Mikie has become a star therapy patient, as he has rapidly advanced toward use of a wheelchair and even participation with exercise on the NuStep (exercise equipment to build range and strength). It has been a joy to witness Mikie explore his new world of possibilities and his interaction with staff. I would like to thank the Riverview Therapy, especially Bill Tom Compton, PTA for his personalized care and commitment to this man.

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