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Come visit our wonderful elders and stakeholders!

Our home offers many intergenerational programs that allow our Elders the opportunity to come in contact with people of all ages. We feel this is a very important part of producing the “community” environment we are continually striving create. Here’s a picture of a very special moment that took place in our dining room a few days ago.


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On Thursday, September 4, a group of Elders from our home travelled to Winchester, KY to compete in 2014 Senior Olympics. We all had a wonderful time, and it was such a joy meet people from our other Signature homes. We even got to bring home a trophy for 1st Place “Themed Appearance.” GO TEAM RIVERVIEW!!!

It’s not unusual on any given day for one of our elders here at Riverview to go out to see the doctor. When they have an appointment we make arrangements, make sure the facility van is available at that time, and someone will drive them to the doctor’s appointment. On Saturday night September 6th, one of our elders, Fred, had an appointment to see a doctor and Josh Calhoun, AIT, and I had the privilege of taking him. This  was no ordinary appointment and it certainly wasn’t the kind of doctor you may be thinking about.

Since 1946, Ralph Stanley has been travelling all over the United States and a few foreign countries playing his mountain style of bluegrass music. In 1992 he was inducted into “The International Bluegrass Hall of Honor.” He was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2006, the nation’s highest honor for artistic excellence. He even won a Grammy Award in 2002 for the “Best Male Country Vocal Performance.” Mr. Stanley is most commonly known in the world of bluegrass music as “Dr. Ralph Stanley” after being awarded an honorary Doctorate of Music from Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee.

On this particular Saturday night, Ralph Stanley would be appearing in Prestonsburg as part of his farewell tour and Fred had an appointment to see “the Doctor.” This was an appointment that was unknown to Fred however. If you come by the Mugg-Z Café located inside our home, you will most likely find Fred sitting inside with headphones on watching Ralph Stanley videos on YouTube. Without a doubt, Fred’s hero is definitely Dr. Ralph Stanley.  His admiration of “the Doctor” is so strong that Patty Huffman, who works in our café, felt the need to get involved. To make a long story short, one day Patty handed me some tickets and told me Fred would be going to see his hero and would even be going backstage to meet him. We decided that day that we must do our best to keep it a secret to Fred.

As the days and weeks passed, our excitement grew, especially in the week leading up to the show when Fred shared with me that he had seen Ralph Stanley in concert “years ago” and intended to have his picture taken with him, but he got so excited he forgot to get the picture. “I don’t guess I’ll ever have that chance again,” Fred said with a disappointment on his face.

After waiting for weeks and biting my tongue not to share the surprise, the night finally arrived. When I told Fred where I was taking him, he  burst into tears of overwhelming joy. So overcome with excitement, the nine minute drive to the Mountain Arts Center must have seemed like hours to Fred. “What a surprise,” Fred kept saying over and over again. Just moments after arriving, the surprise got even better. The same man who just days earlier spoke with regret about never getting a picture with his hero was now sitting backstage with his arms around him engaged in conversation.

This was certainly a wonderful night and a touching experience.  These types of occurrences are not that rare in our home, as we strive to help make our elders’ dreams come true. When we left the concert that night, Fred looked at Josh and I and said, “If I live to be 110 years old, I will never forget September 6, 2014!” Glad to be available to help take one of our elders on a trip to see “The Doctor.”

-Phillip Ramey
Director of Spirituality, Riverview HealthCARE

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An overwhelming crowd of elders, stakeholders, and family members assembled in our dining room today for a special Memorial Service to honor all elders that have passed in 2014. Director of Spirituality Phillip Ramey conducted this special service that consisted of prayer, singing, and a candle lighting ceremony to honor those we have lost. Different departments were represented during the candle ceremony with everyone from nursing to dietary and nearly every other department participating in the lighting of candles. Our administrator commented on the wonderful privilege we had been given in caring for those who have passed. Our dietary department provided refreshments afterwards as everyone stayed to share stories and memories of those we gathered to honor.

A few of our elders hit the road today for a trip to the Breaks Interstate Park in Virginia. There was lots of fun and laughter along the way, and we all enjoyed a wonderful lunch and a relaxing afternoon surrounded by the beautiful scenery. This was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you to one of our EDEN neighborhoods, Patchwork Place, for sponsoring this outing.


“Our mission is to achieve the highest quality of life for every member of our community.”

 Over 85 Years of Combined Therapy/Clinical Experience

  •      11 Full-Time Staff Members
  •      ST Vital-Stim Certified
  •      OTs with Modality Certification to Include Estim, Ultrasound, Tens
  •      Innovative Program Development to Include Social Media Programming
  •      Modern Free Standing Exercise Equipment

One of the best parts about celebrating a birthday here at Riverview would have to be the birthday cakes. Check out some of the tasty creations that our awesome dietary crew has turned out. They certainly help make ours elders’ birthdays a little sweeter!

Our home here at Riverview is “EDEN Alternative Registered Home.” It’s An elder-centered community that imbues daily life with variety and spontaneity by creating an environment in which unexpected and unpredictable interactions and happenings can take place. This is the antidote for boredom. Each hallway is its own neighborhood with its own mayor, council, and welcoming committee. We have a Community Chapel inside our building. We recently opened up a restaurant/coffee shop called the Mugg-Z Café, named after our facility dog. We’re currently working on a new gazebo and wander garden for our elders on the outside of our building, as well as a Public Library and Post Office for the inside of our home. It takes everyone being involved to make this work. Every department and every person must work together to create this type of environment.

When our elders came to the dining room for lunch today, they were surprised to see a country picnic with fried chicken and all the fixins supplied by our laundry and housekeeping department. Hats off to laundry and housekeeping for this spontaneous event, and sharing in a special moment and a simple pleasure with our elders!

At Riverview, we believe that providing for a person’s emotional and spiritual needs is an important part of meeting their healthcare needs. Our spirituality department is committed to providing spiritual care by helping our residents utilize their faith to promote healing. We also believe that nurturing the spirit is an integral part of resident care and quality of life. Our facility chaplain provides counseling and spiritual guidance for residents, their families, and staff.  Our chaplain also provides memorial services, hospital visitation, resident home visits after discharge, and leads weekly bible studies, worship services, and prayer groups.

Phillip R. Ramey, Director of Spirituality/Chaplain
Phillip is a local minister who has spent over a third of his life volunteering in nursing home ministry. Phillip began his full time chaplain work here at Riverview in February of 2014. Phillip also serves as Pastor of the Third Avenue Free Will Baptist Church, about one mile from our facility. He was recently voted “Best of the Best” Pastor for 2014 by the Floyd County Times newspaper. Along with having a heart for this community, Phillip also has a strong passion for this facility, its residents, and staff.

A Few of the Programs offered by our Spirituality Department

  • Weekly Devotional Services
  • Gospel Music Program
  • Church Services
  • Facility Chapel (Riverview Community Chapel)
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer Groups
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Gospel Sings
  • Daily Room Visits
  • Appalachian Heritage Music Program